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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 20:20:02 -0700
From: Dan Kehew <>
To: Thomas E Ward <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Armstrong Cycles
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> ...I'd like to leap on this thread and ask the group for any memories,
> timelines, links and what-not related to Armstrong Cycles.

Recently went down the path you just followed, Tom. I'd found a small Armstrong in Sacramento in pretty good shape, all original by best guesses. Passed it along to the folks (mostly UC Davis people) putting together a bike museum hereabouts.

I'll try to track down pictures of this bike -- it's a Raleigh three-speed clone, or vice-versa. Same size, paint, fenders, etc., as my wife's LTD-3.

Back on point, it's definitely hard to glean the Armstrong bike info from the Lance Armstrong haystack. Norris Lockley posted an odd bit about Armstrongs not long ago (hey, I kept that message -- sent September 11 of this year, "English Classic lightweight frames"), and I planned to hit him up for a more detailed commentary whenever he reappeared on-list after his French bike safari.

Dan Kehew
Davis, CA