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Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 16:05:06 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: eBay shipping trend

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I have noticed the same thing. And it makes no sense to me, either. Maybe at a large mail order house it evens out over time, but that means some are overpaying & some are underpaying. All I can say is that I only charge for actual shipping-not packing, etc. If the seller overpays for shipping because I overestimated it, I refund the difference (well, if it's more than $1).

However, I also require insurance, unless it really is silly to get it (i.e. a $5 item, etc). It's not that expensive & I just don't want to get into it with the buyer, should something happen in transit. I put that in my auction listing. If they really don't want it, I make them send me an email stating they don't want it & I'm not responsible for the loss, should it occur. As a buyer, I also request insurance from most sellers, whenever appropriate.

I just think charging for handling, packing, etc is a way to rip off the customer. Unless it really is packed professionally. Or I have to buy some unique supplies to protect the item. Then I would send the buyer the receipt for the packing charge, as proof of cost.

Perhaps, I'm in the minority. I just don't think it's right to rip people on S & H. -----------------------------------------------------

Mary- If you are in the minority, then at least I have company. I don't think one needs to have advanced training in rocket science to properly package a bike or bike part. Heck I have been doing since I was 14 and nobody have ever shown me how. Sure it can take up to half an hour to really go all out and wrap each frame tube--in you go to that extent---as you pack a bike, but I would rather do that than add on some "professional $75 packaging" fee and not really know exactly how it was packed, only to mumble incessantly to the buyer if arrives askew. I could go into other examples, but for brevity sake, I will only say that, I am proud to be in the minority along with you.
Dave Anderson
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