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Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 20:02:51 EDT
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If you mail any item with USPS at a Post Office the total is on the PVI label.

Insurance is added. Delivery Confirmation is added.

Return Receipt is obviously added as the recipient of the mailed item must sign for the parcel before receiving it. Certified is a service that also must be signed for.

All of these Services are reflected in the mailing cost on the PVI label.

Karen Rawls Postal Clerk Winchester VA --------------------------------------------------------------- Karen- Thanks for chiming in from the Post Office point of view. As a purposely meant joke, I always kid the USPO staff in town that NEUMAN really works there and he is secretly taking his 3-hour break when ever I come bye. But I digress.......... The way I figure it, the final price that I sell any item for Always includes handling and packing, whether I sell it for $2 or $200. I would like to think I stay consistent with standard budgeting/accounting practices found within the professional bike industry with outfits like Raleigh/Trek/Schwinn/etc. They Never ever add on handling/packaging fees, and only charge professional bike shops for actual shipping costs. Maybe I was somehow influenced or "spoiled" by breifly working in a bike shop many years gone bye. Just my 2 cents.
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