Re: [CR]Those bolts for toe clips...easily obtainable

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Subject: Re: [CR]Those bolts for toe clips...easily obtainable
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 02:31:04 +0000

Those are not correct. They are #124 dropout eyelet bolts for fenders, etc. They work, but are quite a bit longer. Lots of folks have lots of those...... Regards, Greg "picky" Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 15:26:38 -0400 From: "Tom Sanders" <> To: <> Subject: [CR]Those bolts for toe clips...easily obtainable

There is an E-Bay seller (WWW cyclery) who has them by the dozen. I
   believe he lists them as water bottle cage bolts, then notes as an = aside that they are the same Campy bolts that are used for toe clips on = pedals. They are not expensive. See item #7105778723 I just rounded up 4 of them to send The gentleman seeking them. I = questioned the seller as to why they did not come in those cute little = bags and he swore they were Campy, but came that way in bulk to where = ever he had bought them. Tom Sanders Lansing, Mi