RE: [CR]need parts for and help identifying a raleigh pro and paint?

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Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 12:40:29 -0400
To: (marc garcia),
Subject: RE: [CR]need parts for and help identifying a raleigh pro and paint?

Hi Angel,

Nice bike! I think that it is a 1973 or later. Here is my understanding of the earlier Pro's:

1969 - white (only Larry O. could love these!) 1970 - brown (mink) with chrome front fork ends, gold script Raleigh decals. 1971 - brown (mink) with chrome front fork ends and rear stays, gold script Raleigh decals. 1972 - blue (blue mink) with fancy lugs, chrome ends, gold script Raleigh decals 1973 - blue (blue mink) with plain lugs, chrome ends, white block Raleigh decals

The triangular decal was actually a Carlton not a Reynolds decal (I have an extra if you need it) . Some if not all Pro's had the oval Campy decal above the DT shifters. Some '73's had the double rectangular Carlton decal in the middle silver band on the seat tube.

Paul Raley Leonardtown MD

marc garcia <> wrote:
>Well I finally got my raleigh pro after an ordeal with the post office that I won't go into because I'll get upset just talking about it. I bought this one on ebay and I think I've mentioned it in a previous post. Here are some pictures of it as I have it built up now:
>It came to me as a frame with everything minus the wheel set, hoods, rear caliper, left crank arm, and saddle. I used a wheel set I had, a 700c 7 speed aero trek set with shimano 105 hubs and I have to say the bike really flys with these wheels. I would like to find an original type wheel set but I may use these to ride for the most part. The only flaw real flaw with this frame is the rust that is on the top tube under the cable which was not pictured or mentioned at all in item description. Does anyone know of a paint or paint combination that can be used to touch the raleigh mink blue? It doesn't have to be perfect as I can keep most it covered by the cable which I suppose is fortunate.
>I'm having trouble pinning down the date of this bike. At first I thought it was a 1973 because of the serial number which is on the bottom bracket: A4994  But the bottom bracket does not have the CC cutouts. And the chain stays have dimples as well. The derailleur has a patent date of 71, could it be a 71 or is it more likely a 72? If anyone can date this bike and offer the specs for it I would be eternally grateful as I would like to identify the appropriate parts for this bike.
>The only decals that came on this bike was a reynolds decal on the down tube above the shifters, is this original? seems like an odd place to me. There is also what seams to be the remenants, really only the outline of a reynolds triangle decal at the bottom of the seat tube. I would like to find some decals for this bike but would like to know which ones it would have had originally. A local shop had some top tube "professional" decals in gold, but I wasn't sure if these are appropriate. If anyone has decals for this bike i would be interested in purchasing them or trading for them.
>I still need some other parts for it as well that I would be willing to either purchase or trade for. I need a brooks pro seat, campy pedals and clips, campy brake hoods,  and a wheel set. I know some of this all depends on the year of the bike but I'll listen to what you have.


>marc garcia

>chicago IL