RE: [CR]Internal cable routing

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From: "Steve Birmingham" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Internal cable routing
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 11:18:59 -0400
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For my Hujsak Aero, I had to run new cable housings, and used two different methods. The first was for the brake housings, and I just bent a hook onto the end of

an old spoke to catch the end of the housing and guide it through the hole. It takes a little work, but isn't too hard.

For the shift cables, which run through 1/8 plastic tube, I had to use a vacuum cleaner and some fine thread, which I vacuumed through the frame, Then I pulled a strong fishing line bach through with the thread, and finally fed the tubing over the fishing line. It worked, and got the tubing through the internal holes so it could pass through the bottom bracket area. It took a long time, and wasn't at all easy. Every vent hole had to be taped over to get enough vacuum to draw the thread through. But it was necessary. It would work for the brake housing you need to run, if the spoke thing dosen't work for you

Steve Birmingham Lowell,Ma

Steve collins asked "Anyone have suggestions for routing the rear brake cable through the top tube of my Pinnarello Montello? The junction of the top and seat tubes is mostly sealed off, so I can't get to the cable exit hole to help direct it
Steve Collins
Santa Fe NM