Re: [CR]$2K Pog on Craig's list.

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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 20:25:51 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]$2K Pog on Craig's list.


You could be right. Look at this photo and it looks as though there may be a bulge in the downtube near the lower headlug - what do you think?

Mike Short,
Austin TX

-- Chuck Schmidt wrote:

Tom Sanders wrote:
> Well, I was all set to Pooh-Pooh it for that price until I looked.
> apparently the seller is prepared to deal some. I always have to ask myself "What could I get in a new bike for that price?" In that contest, this is a really great bike...and perhaps not so out of line after all. This is a bike anyone could be proud to ride, from what I can see of it.
> We are just spoiled by the low prices that all but the very top end of our hobby command. Top end may be more fad than reality, too! I know that I have been bit by the Fad Bug bit myself. I would shell out more than that for the right California Masi, that may well be nowhere near as nice a bike.
> Tom Sanders

It IS a beautiful Pogliaghi. The only thing troubling to me (and I hope this is just a problem with the angle the photo was taken) is this shot...

...with what appears to be a bent fork? Looks to be a very large toe clip overlap. Again, maybe just a problem with the angle of the photo and the fork isn't bent at all? I've had instances of bikes being sold by the second owner who was unaware that the fork was bent (most memorable was a truly sublime early 70s Hurlow with bent fork).

Just something to check on before finalizing the transaction...

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California