Re: [CR]Possible Fraud Schwinn Paramount on Ebay

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Subject: Re: [CR]Possible Fraud Schwinn Paramount on Ebay
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 12:26:29 -0500

My experience with eBay, both as a buyer and seller, is that when problems occur there is little or no help to be had.

Frank Phillips
McAlester, OK

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From: Donald Gillies
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Subject: [CR]Possible Fraud Schwinn Paramount on Ebay

> ... but ebay doesn't give a darn ... as usual ...
> ====== ebay response =====
> Hello,
> Thank you for taking the time to contact us with this information. I
> understand how this situation could be of some concern.
> I have reviewed the information that you provided regarding image and
> text theft, but at this point find that I do not have enough evidence to
> show that the member has violated any eBay rules.
> Unfortunately, we will only be able to take action if the owner of the
> image or text writes to us. In some instances, certain members will
> allow others to use their images. It is also possible that they acquired
> the image from a mutual source. Therefore, we often cannot remove
> listings based on the representations of third parties whose credentials
> we cannot verify.
> We do understand the potential for further issues in this type of
> situation. That is why, if you feel strongly about this issue, we
> recommend you contact the seller(s) to advise them of the information
> and recommend they contact us directly. Once we hear from them, we will
> take appropriate action.
> We appreciate you taking the time to contact us with your concerns.
> Thank you for your participation in the eBay community.


> Regards,


> Landan

> eBay Community Watch