Re: [CR]Re: late 40's Sieber track bike

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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: late 40's Sieber track bike
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 10:42:00 -0700

Subject: [CR]Re: late 40's Sieber track bike

Edward says: "I am looking for help with information about the Swiss made Sieber."

I had a Sieber track bike in the mid to late 1950's. It was extremely light and I rode it everywhere!!! I loved that bike, my first legit track bike, and Irode many races on it and quite a few time trials.

The decals were pretty much gone by the time I got it so I can't contribute much to your restoration.

I was told, by whom I cannot recall, that it was made in a shop just over the Swiss border from Milan, near Como. I was also told that Cinelli worked with/consulted with Sieber before starting his own business. I'd like to learn more about this. Probably Jobst would know more.

Hugh Enox (still sad about the Sieber and the many other unique bikes that have passed thru my hands over the years and are now gone forever).

raining in La Honda, California