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Subject: Re: [CR]Sad Legnano on eBay....
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 21:31:06 -0400

Oh no ...... Thanks David, But you and I should try and keep this one in Canada don't you think ? Nice bike and no reserve, did we mention how much tax and duty and shipping costs (Jerry M. help me here !!!) were involved when you try to take one of these "protected species -National Heritage - Legnano's across the border to the USA" You should know Winnipeg is protected by Dudley and the rest of the Mounties.... (Just a joke guys......)

Hmmm...No major corrosion, dents, I'd say nice bike even though as David mentioned it's probably just a frame you're buying. Does this bike appear to "look" anyone else? Wonder where the measurements were taken, it does look bigger than many Legnano's I've seen though...Dang !!!

Wayne (Too much month at the end of the money) Jolly, Toronto,Canada

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Subject: [CR]Sad Legnano on eBay....

> Quote:
> "You'are bidding on a Campagnolo racing bike with a Legnano frame this
> museum piece as won more than 20 championship everything on this bike is
> original including the paint never touched, the total weight of the bike
> is
> less than 20 pounds. 12 speed gears they look as new the super light rims
> in
> mint condition.(SEE PICTURES) The tubes look in mint shape, all brakes
> have
> been changed with Campagnolo replacement original parts. This bike is for
> professional and collectors, this bike retail value is over $2,000 is
> listed
> at fraction of face value. Bid with confidence bidder with negative
> feedback
> no need to bid. Any information you need please e-mail i will be happy to
> answer any of your question."
> I thought of pointing out to the seller how the only original (or at least
> appropriate) thing on this Legnano besides the frame and fork (and
> possibly
> the headset) was parts of the rear derailleur and the down tube gear cable
> guide but then I thought why bother?
> I'm not sure which museum might want this piece. :-/
> No relation to the seller what so ever.
> David Bilenkey
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada