Re: [CR]UPS Shipping costs ?s

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Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 18:39:24 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]UPS Shipping costs ?s

Mike Kone said:

"Also, UPS rates if you do not have an account have risen sharply - a direct effort I believe to capture more margin for the UPS stores. There is nearly a 25-30% surcharge on UPS rates if you use the UPS store or even a UPS counter and don't use a UPS account number for regular pickup."

A UPS manager told me a few years ago that they raised the rates on large bulky items because they take up so much room and many smaller packages that will occupy the same volume is more profitable. Recently, FedEx ground has been sending my company adjusted invoices for rates on large bulky items that exceed the "Oversize" limitations but that we had mailed with their software at a lower rate. I think in the past they just ignored it, now they are billing us. Times are tough in the transportation business. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL