Re: [CR]braze-on history

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Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 11:46:29 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]braze-on history

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Third post in one day, I must be nearing my limit. Anyway, I was wondering
> if there is an accepted chronology of braze-ons. Generally it seems that
> the more braze-ons a bike has, the newer it is. When did the various
> braze-ons become common? Are there national differences? Could anyone
> supply approximate dates for these? Here is my hypothesis.
> In order of oldest to newest
> Top of BB derailleur guides
> Chainstay cable stop (perhaps these appeared at the same time as the top
> of BB derailleur guides )
> Shift lever stop
> Shift lever bosses
> Top tube brake cable guides
> Bottom of BB derailleur guides
> Brake cables routed through top tube
> Inside seat stay chain hanger
> Front derailleur mount (Are these too new for the CR timeline?)
> What about lamp brackets on forks?
> What about rear brake cable stops for centerpulls?
> What about pump pegs?
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Marcus- A very good question indeed as I have often wonder the same. I wish I could give you specific answers on each braze-on you mention, but I don't have that detailed of knowledge. i can however tell you that Torpado was using internal brake cables on the top tube as early as 1952. Why it never caught on or why it was never continued more commonly in their line, let alone others, I have no
Dave Anderson
Cut Bank MT