Subject: Re: [CR]Top mount shifters

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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 11:07:13 -0400
Subject: Subject: Re: [CR]Top mount shifters

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>Ahoy !
>Didn't Suntour offer a top mount shifter that bolted to top >braze-on? Would
>such a mount be had from that?
>(Although, I don't know what the wrap around is on these >shifters. : ) )
>Richard you are absolutely correct, Suntour made the same >type of item as
>well. But I don't have any idea of their availability either.
>Dave Anderson
>Cut Bank MT

The top-mount Suntour Symmetric shifters mount on a braze-on block on my early '80s Schwinn Super Letour. They can be had from eBay store, $5 opener, 2 days to go. However, the options are to bolt directly to a braze-on or use the Suntour "endless" stainless steel clamp. I don't believe the Suntour unit can be modified to take other brands of levers, though. John Wilson Very foggy Western PA