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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 16:53:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Patrick <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Dutch Ebay dealers
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Baron, looks like I opened a can of worms with my post. I don't know what to say...he's been very good to me, just as you have been exceptional with everything I've ever ordered from Renaissance Cycles. That's really all I can say and I meant nothing more. On Ebay, Fietsenfrans has 100% positive feedback and I believe that is how most CR members would have contact.

And for my next trick, I'll be sticking my head directly into a hornet nest!!!

Dave Patrick Chelsea, Michigan

renaissance-cycles <> wrote: I was waiting for this one! I was going to mention this guy with my last post, but didn't. Since the door was opened, we'll do the walk.

GOOD DEAL SURE!...............But your only looking at the picture from one side, as the saying goes there 2 sides to the coin!...THIS GUY FIETSENFRANS HAS SCREWED ME, in doing so he has screwed my family as well! When working for me for a very short period, while doing so he tried to screw me on some product from one of my sources. There was some stuff that he wanted real bad, when the seller said no! He offered more money, the answer was no again! He then tried 2 or 3 other times to get this product with a higher offer, the seller said no and no again! The seller was getting a bit pissed! On anther trip he bought some goods from under our noses, these goods were to be held over for us, the deal was made. But I guess the pressure was to much for the seller! We went to pick up these goods and learned that he sold some to another guy, Fietsenfrans! He said only five pairs, well the numbers didn't jive. He said he had 100 pairs of rims for us, if he only sold 5 pairs then why is there only 80 pairs? One case is missing? The next trip, the seller said he had 150 pairs waiting for us....Well Frans tried to get in on these rims as well! The seller said no this time and kept his promise to us. He ''FIETSENFRANS!'' was pissed! Because the seller said no.....They are for the American.

GOOD DEALS SURE........................AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS! It's like one list member screwing another. His help to you is as like he had offered his help to us! He said he would also help us in locating old stocks....Yeah!....Right! Big mistake! We got suckered ''BIG TIME!''..His offer to us was skin deep,.............he be slimmy ''BIG TIME!'' I hate to say, he's got Cecile jumping as well. Dealing with someone over the internet is one thing dealing with him direct in real life face to face is a whole different ball game. For the record! You can slice it and dice it anyway you like...What I know along with several others, this be the real face of Fietsenfrans.

Just to show you how bad he can be, when on a road trip.............We ran across an old Belgium bicycle factory. Great! Well this place looks like it as on it's last leg!............Struggling big time. There was some goods and they said 500 EUROS! To me the deal was ok!..........One thing I will not do!.............Is to try to take the rug from under the seller. When seeing these places as like this I will never make a counter offer! If I see that in the long run I can make good on the buy at the present offer price, I will go with it. No cry baby story, just go with it!.............Frans on the other hand!.............Oh! That's to much, offer them 200 EUROS! This was strike # 2, strike # 1 was taking mess with one of my neighbors............When he knew nothing of them, lucky for Cecile she was on it,.......damage control!

So to say we know the real deal....................up front!

BC Baron C......................And the gang!!...............Letting it all hang out! Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven Holland.

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To: "renaissance-cycles" ; "alan" ; Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 11:43 PM Subject: [CR]Dutch Ebay dealers

> For the record, I have dealt extensively with the Dutch Ebay dealer going by the i.d. of "fietsenfrans" and I've had nothing but 100% positive transactions. In fact, he has gone out of his way to help me on at least three occassions, so I highly recommend him to anyone on the CR list.
> And I have also had very good luck with that Banana Brain guy also, but I think he might very well be missing a few cards out of his deck (sorry Baron, I couldn't resist).
> Dave Patrick
> Chelsea, Michigan
> renaissance-cycles wrote:
> Yes!>>>>>>>....Yes!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yes!.................Look back to the
> archives.
> I know of this guy but have yet to meet him............And I wish not too.
> I must say..............A major part of the ebay Dutch dealers are ''BAD
> NEW!'' As like Charles A.
> and a few other has already learned...............I've spent many and many
> hours replying to emails
> from others concerning these dealers, do you know him? Why do you sell to
> him if he's a bad dealer?
> I've told all of these people that I have never dealt with him nor do know
> him. I'f and when I do meet
> him, I just maight take him out for all of the fustration that he has caused
> me. I know where he shops
> on Fridays but I will stay away....................Only because I know what
> I would do to this guy, and
> I wouldn't be playing ''PATTY CAKE!''..............The best place for this
> guy is a rim box.
> The best I can say...Don't deal with these Dutch
> dealers...THE...REAL...LIFE...BAD...NEWS...BEARS!
> BC
> Baron C...................And the gang!!
> Renaissance cycles,
> Eindhoven Holland
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> Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 8:31 PM
> Subject: [CR]Re: A scammer on eBay
> > Any CR members have any dealings with a character on eBay calling
> > himself "collabol", AKA "Peter Schotting", and "my Belgian garage"? I
> > used the buy-it-now option to purchase 2 Campy hub shells BACK IN JUNE
> > and have gone through the whole process including using Square Trade
> > conflict resolution, but NO satisfaction! He took my money
> > (unfortunately a Postal MO) and all I got was one lousy email reply.
> > This was after sending him 4 or 5 emails over a 3 month period met only
> > with silence, and finally he responded with vague explanations/excuses
> > only when Square Trade got involved. Now 4 months later I see he's
> > garnered a cluster of negative feedback and is no longer a "registered
> > user", does that mean he's been drummed out of the eBay community? Any
> > chance anyone in the CR group brushed up against this unsavory cheat,
> > and can anyone with more eBay experience lend us a tip as to how to
> > avoid meeting up with him in some other guise? Thanks for letting me
> > vent, his sort just befouls our hobby. (Has the Baron ever heard of him?
> > His mailing address was Kempenbos, Westelbeersdijk 6-70, Diessen, OT,
> > 5087 TK in the Netherlands)
> > Thanks again all,
> > Alan Goldsworthy
> > San Francisco, CA