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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 10:54:44 +0200
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For us!...................Totally the other way around! If not for this gig, our recovery from after the fire would have been a lot harder. Thanks to those who stuck with us through the troubled waters. For sure in trying to help there was many who sent an order, whether the items was in need or not ...Darn!..Knowing and watching these go up in smoke was, gut wrenching! NR/SR brake levers with fresh hood, roughly 1,600 pairs!

While the fire was still consuming the goods, we figured not much we can do so we were walking away! Some on-lookers knew exactly what was going up in smoke! The question was heard, What are you going to do..................I replyed, we start tomorrow.

Funny thing about this whole thing, the hose hooked up to the ladder, NO GOOD! It was old and leaking.........They had to install a fresh hose! Fire fighters standing around, I asked why are you here chatting when there's a fire that needs to be put out!...........They said we don't have enought fire fighting equipment!

Thanks Dale!

BC Baron C...................And the gang!! Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven Hollan

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> Exactly correct, Bruce! Ha!
> I love you gals & guys!
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