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Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 11:20:19 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Mysteries of framebuilding

I believe you may have drawn conclusions from my post that were not actually stated... when proposing examples to support "if "A' then 'B'" I in no way meant to suggest that "if 'B' then 'A'" was also true... it most emphatically is not.

The fact that some artists and craftsmen choose alternate livlihoods to allow them to continue to produce work that for various reasons may not be adequately supported by the marketplace should in no way be interpreted to imply that the work of other artists and craftsmen cannot provide a healthy and satisfying living wage for those who chose to devote their lives to that work exclusively, or that the quality or validity of the work from those who make a good living from what they do is any less than from those who "starve for their art."

However, what might be an interesting spin-off topic for discussion (as it relates to framebuilding, in an effort to try to stay on-topic ;-), is whether or not the very qualities of creativity, serendipity, experimentation, curiosity, escapism and independence that often make a person an exceptional artist are at times the very same qualities that may prevent him from being a good businessman.

Bob Hovey Columbus, GA USA

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> Some very convincing points are brought forth by Bob, Brain, & others.
> However most of these points support the premise that financial reward /
> profit motive must be absent or at most a very minor consideration to yield
> highest quality creative skills.
> I don't think financial reward/profit motive need be absent for creativity
> to flourish. It is my premise that these factors being present can actually
> help stimulate and even expand one's creativity.
> The under-appreciated, misunderstood artisan plying his trade in poverty
> and/or obscurity is just one scenario of many possibilities that exist.
> Just as there are multiple and varied motivations within all of us.
> Nick Zatezalo
> Atlanta,Ga.US

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