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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 11:40:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Art Link" <artlink@columnssanantonio.com>
Subject: Fwd: [CR]Info about these frames?
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My circa 1935 Maino, Ser.No. 61899 has short spearpoint lugs,built-in chain oiler, seat lug on top of the top tube and in front of the seat tube, triple plate fork crown(a Maino trademark,which is incorporated into their head badge design) forward facing horizontal rear dropouts (con dente),bracket at front of drive side rear stays for mounting the Vittoria Margherita shifter mechanism,. Dimensions are(c-c) Top tube 57,Seat tube 55,down tube 62,head tube 9cm. Original equipment aluminum hubs engraved "Maino",Al seatpost,Al engraved sidepull brakes, Al chainwheel with corporate GMA logo incorporated, Al handlebars and stem and Al brake levers.Original heavily "patinated" paint in light bluish tinged gray(Maino team color) w. red lug lining.The bike is apart awaitng rebuild. Will have pix upon completion. Meanwhile, Eddie Albert has some nice pix on Wool Jersey Gallery of several early Mainos preserved in an Italian museum. Art Link,San Antonio,TX,USA

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Anybody know much about Maino frames?

Ken Freeman Ann Arbor, MI USA


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