[CR]Re: Alex Singer 650B on ebay

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Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 06:58:27 -0500
From: "Edward Albert" <Edward.H.Albert@hofstra.edu>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Re: Alex Singer 650B on ebay

I placed a gratuitous bid on the bike last night then filed a complaint against the seller after an email exchange. I had asked to see the bike before buying since I lived in the vicinity. He responded saying pay first on an ebay site he would send me....Yea, right. This morning I received an alert from ebay saying the sellers privileges had been revoked and the item withdrawn. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Edward Albert Chappaqua, NY, USA

Edward Albert, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Sociology