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Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 14:22:14 -0800
From: "Tam Pham" <>
To: "brad stockwell" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]4-leaf-clover: Colnago, Colner, Rolls
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I was browsing through Robert Broderick's scans and came upon the June 1971 issue of Bicycling's article on Colnago. The two pages can be viewed here:

The article doesn't go into as much depth as some of us would like, but it was enlightening to see the mention that clubs and spades were "common" on Colnagos in '71. Tam Pham Huntington Beach, CA - USA

On Nov 3, 2007 1:37 PM, brad stockwell <> wrote:
> I think the bike with the 4-leaf clover on the fork was a Rolls, another
> Colnago-built side brand a la Colner. I'll see if I can dig out a photo. I
> think e-richie was the point-man on that ID a few years back, if that helps
> the archive search.
> The diminutive Italian climber Panizza rode a Colner in the Giro in the
> mid-seventies; they had a spade insignia.
> In one of those World Cycling Productions videos about Merckx there is
> footage of Molteni bikes which I believe are also Colnagos that have spade
> insignia, on the fork crowns and also pantographed on the front of the
> seatpost.
> Brad Stockwell
> broadcasting live from Atherton Library
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> Gents, A bike with these same "cross" (not a Colnago club)
> lug cut-outs appeared either in this list or on the Bike Forums
> and was finally IDed as a "shop brand"
> Alan Goldsworthy
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