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> Derny was the name of a specific company that manufactured Entraineurs
> (used to pace bicycles in certain road races and on the track) and for
> training. They also made other machines for touring and a tandem for
> touring as well as something that was close to being a moped. Modern
> Dernys are still being made in Europe with I think mostly Steyr Puch
> motors. The rules governing the design and construction of these machines
> have not changed significantly over the years and do not allow for any
> variation in design. They do not have rollers. Only the full size pacing
> motorbikes have rollers. Many tracks do have have adapted motorcycles for
> training and many have rollers but these are not Dernys in any sense of
> the word.
> Please some pictures I posted at:
> These pictures apart from the model are from the Boneshaker article on
> Dernys.
> Hilary Stone, Bristol, England
> Mitch Harris wrote:
>> On Nov 10, 2007 12:55 PM, Fred Rednor <> wrote:
>>> > <> wrote:
>>> > > No, Dernys do not have a roller -
>>> >
>>> > Perhaps not typically (?) but I've ridden a lot of miles
>>> > behind different dernys that were fitted with rollers in
>>> > back.
>>> Perhaps the bone of contention here is that there are the
>>> orginal dernies, made in France by the Derny brothers, and
>>> there are "generic dernies" made by others. It's like Kleenex
>>> and kleenex, or Hoover and hoover. (Or bespoke vs. Bespoke,
>>> for that matter.) Perhaps none of this will make sense, unless
>>> you are both a native English speaker and a long time member of
>>> the CR list. (If you're confused, I can explain off-list.)
>> Perhaps the difference is an aftermarket change. Another difference is
>> that my experience is out-of-timeline (late 80s/90s) with small fleets
>> of otherwise identical Dernys in Europe where some of them had the
>> roller and some not. The roller looked like something that could have
>> been added. Hilary's information would suggest that Dernys were not
>> supplied stock with rollers.
>> Mitch Harris
>> Little Rock Canyon, Utah