Re: [CR]Campy NR rear derailleur parts question

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Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 15:50:01 -0500
From: "Steven Willis" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Campy NR rear derailleur parts question
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The early ones did not use the bushing. If I have a guess I would say 1971 and older. Steven Willis The Bike Stand 1778 East Second Street Scotch Plains NJ 07076 908-322-3330

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Subject: [CR]Campy NR rear derailleur parts question

>I like to take old used components and tear them down to mix and match
> parts to get the best looking component possible. In tearing down a few
> rear deraillers and sorting through my spare parts to mix and match I
> found one spring bolt that would not fit with the usual plastic bushing.
> This is Camy p/n 811/A which they call the "gear spring bolt" and is
> used p/n 810/1A "lower body bushing".These are the parts that assemble
> to hold the jockey pulley cage to the parallelogram. This odd bolt seems
> to fit OK and works fine without the bushing. All the other bolts I have
> require the bushing. Does anyone know if this is in fact a NR bolt and
> when it was produced. The markings on all the bolts are identical.
> Also is there a preferred position for reassembling the spring? There
> are two holes to choose from and I assume one position provides more
> tension than the other. What are the circumstances where the higher
> tension is prferred?
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> Norm Lafleur

> Ashfield, Ma.