Re: [CR]70s CAMPY chainrings - BREV and PATENT stampings, Mystery of

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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 10:14:35 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]70s CAMPY chainrings - BREV and PATENT stampings, Mystery of <c>

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>     All my later BREV Campy chainrings from 42t and up are stamped 'BR EV'.
> So the question is, do any 42 and 43t Nuovo Record Chainrings exist with
> 'PATENT' stampings on them, or do all of them just have the <C> and number ?
> And if some have it and others don't, what does that mean in terms of date
> of manufacture, etc?
> Snip

Furthermore, what about track rings and 1960s Campy chainrings? Do the same rules apply?

Other question. When did the <C> leave the bottom headset cup?

The marking <c> is super mystery for all Campy fan abdcollectors!

I have seen it on;

1) 1969-71 Record headsets, but not on early 60' or mid 70's 2) On bronz/steel Record rear derailluer (with 9T plastic pullys) 3) Mnay Chain rings 151 and 144 BCD (perhaps 60's and 70's) 4) Ally cage Lg-pedals (years=70's?)

I have not seen enogh track rings (1/8" thick) and so never seen.

The stamping "PATENT" vs, "BREV", for sure PATENT is older but no date info.

I need inputs from C-R members!

KEN TODA, High Point, NC

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