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Subject: [CR]Pic of the Day - Chain Oiling

Pic of the Day ebbs and flows depending on how much free time I have. I've been pretty busy working and riding, but it's a freezing Saturday morning, so here's a new picture.

Pic of the Day 24 November 2007 Chain Oiling

Italian team mechanic "Pinella" applies some oil to the chain on Gino Sciardis' bike during the 1949 Tour de France. Rear shifter is a Cervino, same as teammate Gino Bartali was using that year. Note the plastic rain cape stuffed into the right pocket, (Lam?) brake with adjusting barrel.
>From "200 Momenti Fotografici del ' Tour ' 1949" by Emilio de Martino / GHEA / La Gazzetta dello Sport.


Aldo Ross
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>I think it was Aldo Ross that posted the Pic of the Day each and every day.
>I miss this little bit of cycling history. If he could collect those
>photographs in an archive there would be enough meat for a book. It would
>even be good on its own web page. Did this stop for a reason or just died
>of its own accord? Bruce
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