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From: nelson miller <nelsmiller@msn.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 11:39:55 -0800
cc: nelsmiller@msn.com
cc: nelsmiller@msn.com

Group---- I have offered to place a friend's Hurlow-built S. M. COTTEN ro ad bike on the CR list for him. I assume that this is an acceptable proces s -- I know the owner, have no other connection with the sale, and am simpl y passing on the information that I have been given to pass on to this grou p. The bike was purchased new in 1973/74 directly from Sam Cotten. Sam evi dently hired Hurlow to build the bikes and sold them under Sam's name here in the U.S. The owner does not know if the framesets were completely finis hed (painted/branded) in the UK, or shipped to the US and finished here. H e figures that the bike probably has around 200 total miles on it since new , with an occasional scratch inflicted by years of storage. The frame has a
   21.25" ctc seat tube, and 21.75" ctc top tube. It is constructed of Reyno lds 531 tubing, and is painted a deep green/blue without excessive filigree , with a full chrome fork. Components are mostly Campagnolo Record/Nuovo R ecord, GB bars with a ttt stem, Brooks Pro saddle and AVA rims with over-th e-hill Hutchinson silk sew-up tyres. The owner's name is Everett Anton Si nger, and his email address is Singer356@aol.com . Please contact him dire ctly for any additional information you may desire. He has photos of the b ike available upon request, and will attempt to provide any further require d information. He is asking $1200 for the bike, plus packing and shipping to be arranged. I might add that Tony does not profess to be an expert on
   bikes. He knows more about old Porsches that the rest of this list combin ed, so he does understand quality and collectiblity, but not necessarily as
   related to the bike world, so please be gentle. Thanks for your interest ..... Nelson Miller // Seattle, WA // USA