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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 20:53:29 +0000
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Subject: [CR]Re: Zeus colors and Decals (Available soon)

Ray Brad Stockwell has done a great job of cataloging the Zeus years on http://www.w ooljersey.com/gallery. You can find most of the colors that Zeus used the re. Also, I have been working with Greg from down under to reproduce 3 differ ent Zeus foil decal sets; also putting together the artwork for the pre-7 0s models. Greg as done a fantastic job and the decal sets should be avai lable soon. Anyone interested in them should contact Greg directly. Scott Edrington San Diego

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That was me. Thank you. Mine was what Zeus called "Sunset Orange", which really was more red-orange.

Speaking of which, does anyone have the factory colors used by Zeus? I recall seeing Criteriums in Sunset Orange, Yellow, White, Black. Saw a Suprema in Orange. Most Competitions I saw were in a dark metallic green with a few in other dark metallic shades. So, what were their official colors?

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