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Subject: Re: [CR]Italian made Masi GC has arrived
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 19:54:32 -0600

... please, SMC 56, C8320 here. still have it to. tried to compliment the fellow on super job. wonderful saviour. but if you want to deal with a drummer without a band, beware ... :)
alex, va 22308

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Subject: [CR]Italian made Masi GC has arrived

> Well after a two year wait I finally have my hands on a bike I purchased
> off of ebay. The story is long, boring and had me doubting I would ever
> see the bike. After a series of events that I will not go into here. The
> bike luckily wound up in the hands of Brian Baylis. I say luckily as it
> was never intended to be restored by Brian because that was not part of
> the deal I purchased the bike under.
> Brian did me and others a real favor in taking this project on. He did not
> benefit from this near as I can tell. He only accepted my headache and
> made it good. So good in fact that it is one of the best bikes I now own.
> When he asked how I would have liked it done, I just said I wanted the
> Champaign color scheme. What I received was just this side of perfect. All
> attention to detail was paid and nothing scrimped on. I have to say that
> Brian restored this bike as if I had purchased the service from him. The
> bike has a twin plate fork crown and the interesting oval cut outs in the
> rear dropouts. He offset those items with yellow detail and as I said it
> looks fantastic. Once I get some time, I will have to take some photos to
> show you all. If any of you folks are thinking of getting a bike done by
> Brian then don't hesitate. You will not be disappointed. I am not, after
> all is said and done; Brian made my two year wait worth it.
> Now I have to get on the ball with another restoration I have out there.
> This one is my bad. I have been less than attentive to this as I have a
> bunch of stuff going on in my life right now but soon I will awaken again
> to get this next project off the ground.
> Ray Homiski
> Elizabeth, NJ