Re: [CR]Claud Butler Allrounder project

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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 23:57:55 -0500
To: <>
From: John Betmanis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Claud Butler Allrounder project

At 10:34 PM 13/11/2007 -0500, P.C. Kohler wrote:
>There's nothing easier than following the factory specs I say and you'll
>find the 1954 Claud Butler catalogue with the "new" Allrounder right here
>with a fully detailed spec sheet.

Yes, Peter, I'm familiar with that site and just about everything else about Clauds on the web. Unfortunately, Norman Kilgariff's pages show a 1949 catalogue and (oops, I just sent this prematurely) the '53 and '54 with nothing in between. I'm sure my New Allrounder was a '53 or '54 and I bought it right off the showroom floor at the Claud Butler works. The only change I had them make was switch the Clubman mudguards for Club Specials. However, the components on mine were not all the same as that catalogue shows and it had a two tone paint job, black with a light blue head tube. According to Hilary, the New Allrounder bilaminated lug pattern originated on the Avant Coureur in 1947. In 1951 a new Avant Coureur was introduced with bilaminated lugs that looked like Nervex and the the old one became the Allrounder. I'm not sure what was "new" about the New Allrounder in '53 and '54, but I think it became a lower line model with cheaper components. I know mine was just straight gauge 531. This '51 Allrounder frame is lighter than the 7 lbs my New Allrounder was and it's the exact same size. It's also fancier with what used to be chrome ends and a chrome twin plate fork crown.

John Betmanis
Woodstock, Ontario