Re: Centering sidepulls; was Re: [CR]Hurtful things said about Weinmann centerpulls

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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 09:57:05 -0500
From: George Allen <>
Subject: Re: Centering sidepulls; was Re: [CR]Hurtful things said about Weinmann centerpulls
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Fred and Charlie,

What a revelation! I'd been using this finely crafted, precision instrument:

And I have that Park tool but I thought it was for popping the tops off my Heinekens and cleaning lint from my dryer.

What a great list! And, yes Garth, those Weinmann 999's sure are pretty! ;-)

George Allen Lexington, KY USA

Fred Rednor wrote:
>>As Fred has pointed out, the socket will do the
>>trick to center a set of sidepull calipers.
>>However, there is nothing like the following for fine tuning
>>once the fixing
>>nut has been cinched down:
>>For those who wish to use this advanced technique, locate
>>the punch on the caliper spring right next to the centerbolt
>>fitting and give it a tap. This can be very useful when a
>>rondella dentata (aka Campagnolo toothed washer) is
>>"indexed" into grooves in the crown or brake bridge boss
>>that aren't ideally aligned for centering the caliper.
>>Sometimes percussive maintenance is the right approach.
> Thanks for pointing out the proper tool to use for this
>operation. During several moments of weakness, I've purchased
>tools such as this one:
>and have even spent hours making my own "improved" version.
>However, the hammer and punch have always proven superior in
>those cases where the simple socket is insufficient.
>Do any of the list members who resided(ed) in D.C. remember an
>old mechanic, named Adolph, who worked ages ago at Southeast
>Cycles? On one of the few occasions when I could not make a
>repair on my own, I brought my bike into their shop, and Adolph
>attacked the bicycle with hammer and punch. I was appalled
>that such crude implements would be applied to my Columbus
>tubed, Atala wonderbike. But those ancient implements did the
>trick when the "proper" tools were not up to the task at hand.
>So Charlie, I really appreciate that you've reminded us which
>simple hand tools to use for such a common maintenance
> Cheers,
> Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)
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