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Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 08:35:54 EDT

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> We have just confirmed that Ken Toda will be bringing his professional
> bicycle photo studio services to the Cirque this year in Leesburg!

Thank you very much, Wayne.

It is my pleasure to be involved in this Vintage Bike Portrait Studio, first inspired by Dale Brown, the founder of C-R list and Cirque.

This 11th year Cirque, in your hosting, I will try outdoor lighting in Leesburg, VA.

Ten to 8 views of iamges professionally finished 350 MB CD mailed to you including Hi-Res (400 DPI at 8X12"), and Low Res (72 DPI JEPG at 8X12"), including s/h.

This will cost you 40.00 for everthing (photography, digitl lab works, and s/h.) The second bike at same photo session will be additional 30.00.

8X12, 11X14, and 5X7 inch enlagement is available at extra cost or you can do your own printing or web uploading.

One or two member who got photos done prevously contacted me for appointment, now if you do not mind, I can take notes now. Please e-mail to; off list.

Thank you again, have a great day!

KEN TODA, High Point, NC

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