Re: [CR] the trend of new KOF builders

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Subject: Re: [CR] the trend of new KOF builders
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 14:04:47 -0500

There's a young artist in our area named Matt Kaminecki. He has been building K.O.F. frames for the last approximately two years and is doing some very nice work, and at what I think are reasonable prices.


I am very happy to see this trend continue, especially in our local market. I also appreciate the fixie people. Although I'm in my late '40's, I have had great conversations with some of the young couriers in Milwaukee about classic lugged-steel bikes. They are allways fascinated by the various bikes that sometimes sit in my office.

I hope that bicycles will continue to be appreciated as functional art, by successive generations. In my opinion, it will only enhance our hobby.

I'm so sad I missed Cirque this year but had a scheduling conflict. Judging from the pictures, I am blown away by the number and quality of bikes that were represented at Cirque.

Jeff Pyzyk
Milwaukee, WI