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Is your copy terrible? is it the movie? or both? We saw this film after it came out. It was not too well made. Bikes and story very inaccurate. There have been several attempts made to get a US film going but rumor has it that the black stars didn't care enough about Major Taylor and cycling to be bothered. Seems our newbies were too big and good for it, and scripts were not too good either, so it might be a combo of all these factors. Seems like that would be work-outable with the superbe history and story it is. Enjoy it for now, at least it'something, and did promote cycling a little. I'm surprised that they didn't have some older guys like me who have a good handle on that era to lend some expertise and credability to the pic. Would have made all the difference in the world, if someone had a better handle on the cycling emotion and life and then wove the real life elements
into it.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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>I have a copy and, unfortunately, it is terrible.
> Edward Albert, Chappaqua, NY
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> The Major Taylor movie, Tracks of Glory, was a tv movie for the
> Australian audience. A listmember and Australian will be sending me a
> DVD copy soon. I will copy it and send it out to all that want it. All
> in good time.
> Garth Libre in Miami Fl. USA