Re: [CR]Major Taylor movie is coming.

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Subject: Re: [CR]Major Taylor movie is coming.
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 10:48:11 -0800
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On Feb 26, 2008, at 10:28 AM, ternst wrote:
> There have been several attempts made to get a US film going but rumor
> has it that the black stars didn't care enough about Major Taylor and
> cycling to be bothered.
> Seems our newbies were too big and good for it, and scripts were not
> too good either, so it might be a combo of all these factors.
> Seems like that would be work-outable with the superbe history and
> story it is.

Having been inside the business I may be able to offer some insight. First, it's a period piece which means big money for costumes, settings ,etc. Second, the races require big stadiums and big crowds equalling big money. But most of all, it would be a "black" picture and Hollywood doesn't think "black" pictures will draw a white audience. and worst of all, it's not a story that the 18-34 year olds would go to-no sex, nudity, fart jokes, etc. Too bad because it's a great story but unless Denzel Washington or Chris Rock want to make it it's dead as a doornail. Phil Brown Would love to make a pass at a script in Berkeley, Calif.