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In my young teens I worked in the neighborhood bike shop. We bought from FA Baker. The warehouse was a nondescript brick building in Maspeth Queens. In addition to ordering from the salesman or by phone, they had one night a week when the dealers could come to the warehouse and shop like at the supermarket. While most of the stock was everyday stuff like Wald baskets, there was always stuff that separated me from my salary. In particular I remember buying a Stronglight 99 setup, gold Simplex downtube shifters and low flange black anodized Dura Ace hubs (on special for $29). All of that resides on my '80 Trek w/SP tubing that I bought from Lenny Preheim at Toga when they were down on 14th and Ave A (B?).

Len Diamond Ridgewood, New Jersey USA

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FA Baker was a bike parts distributor. Sam retired to Florida about 10 years ago. He recently passed away. He was the nicest, straightest talking guy

in the bike biz for so many years.

Can you send a photo to me direct?


Tom Martin Oakland CA

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Has anyone ever heard of a "Queen City" brand bicycle? I cannot find a reference for it online. My Dad bought this bike at an auction in the early 1960's and I recently plucked it out of his attic. It was old when he bought it - I'm guessing it might be from the 20's or 30's??? Supposedly, it is a racing bicycle. I have attached a photo in hopes that the list will allow attachments. If not, reply back to me and I will send one. I would love to know some of the history of this bicycle. Does anyone know where to find the solid rubber tires to fit an old bike like this?

The name on the brass plate on front is "Queen City" F.A. Baker Co., New York. The seat is a "Persons" seat - I've seen those before..think they still are in existence? The seat nameplate is also in brass. The inside of the rims are lined with wood. There are no brakes and no gears.

Thanks for any information!
Kerry Harrison