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Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 05:29:09 +0000

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I thought I remembered seeing the 531C gauge as being the heavier gauge tubing for larger riders and/or stiffer frames. I have one in 531C and it seems stiffer than just about any 531 in a similar sized bike.

Garth Libre in Miami Fl USA - (The author makes no guarantee as to accuracy of any claims real or implied. YMMV substantially and stiffness is largely in the mind of the stiffee.)

GL: Not exactly. 531ST (Special Touring, 2200 grams) was the heavier set. 531C (Competition, 2050 grams) was the 'standard' set, and 531SL (Special Lightweight, or later Professional, 1900 grams) was the, well, um, special lightweight set. Those are 1980s designations, by the way. And there is actually very little difference between 531C and 531ST. (150 grams). The ST downtube is 0.1 mm thicker-walled, and the ST chainstays and seatstays are a bit thicker-walled. That's it. The NOS 1970s 'standard' 531 tubesets that I sell are from prior to those designations. Regards, Greg '531/753 man' Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan