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Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 13:46:35 -0500
From: Harvey Sachs <>
Subject: re: [CR]lightest brakes?
To: Classic Rendezvous <>,

Chas Andrews wrote:

I searched the list archives, but came up with nothing much of use.

What were the lightest brakes commonly in use on racing bikes in the 70s or early 80s? within the CR timeline, anyway? If you were tricking out your bike with all the aftermarket lightweight stuff (like Omas, or Weyless, or High-E or Edco or similar), what brakes would you use?

I've been inclining toward some of those Modolo Pros with the titanium hardware...but I wonder if plain old Universal 68s wouldn't be lighter. the Galli brakes with titanium and alloy hardware also seem quite light. We're including matching levers..unless there was some super-light lever I don't know about.

I'm slowly assembling parts for a tricked out lightweight 70s bike, but the brakes are a hang-up.

++++++++++++++++++ For Beloved Spouse's "l'Orpelin," so called because it was imported without any brand id, we went for the lightest parts possible - as long as my cost was <$5/ounce (28.4 gm) of weight reduction. That bike still has the plastic body/aluminum blade brake levers, and Universal 68 sidepulls. The Mafacs have very nice, coarse-thread adjusters, so you might save a few grams more by using Weinmann 500 SPs w/o QRs or barrel adjusters. Yell if you need for me to weigh the Weinmann v. Universal.

That bike also has Jubilee derailleurs, an aluminum Suntour FW, Hi-E hubs, and had Super Champion Medaille d'Or rims (260 gm claimed). She no longer rides those wheels. Ah, and Stronglight 63 cranks (40/45 now), which are a bit lighter than the 93 models.

harvey sachs
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