Re: [CR]Converting a 36H lo-fl QR Campi NR hub from 120 to 126MM, fixing bad hub races?

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From: "Courtney Johnson" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Converting a 36H lo-fl QR Campi NR hub from 120 to 126MM, fixing bad hub races?
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 08:13:10 -0600
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I have cut them with a Sawzall in 30 seconds. Put the Sawzall blade side up in a soft jaw or wood vice, lock the trigger on, bring the axle to the blade and rotate it as you cut.

Courtney Johnson
    Grand Marais, MN On Jan 3, 2009, at 10:29 AM, JimAllen wrote:
> Jon,
> A lathe is a beautiful thing. Find someone with a lathe to trim
> that axle to the right length.
> You can do it with a hacksaw, but it's a 60 second job on the lathe.
> I routinely cut sections off Wheels manufacturing axles to use to
> mask the threads in the derailleur hangers of the bikes that I
> paint...
> Jim Allen
> Mitch Harris wrote:
>> I've cut a longer Wheels man. axle to length for Campagnolo hubs.
>> Cut only
>> one side (hack saw and vice with thread protection). Cut a little
>> longer
>> than you might think necessary (about 132mm), and then file to size
>> afterward if it's a little long. Chase the cut threads by spinning
>> on an
>> older cone from the non-cut end, then clean up the threads as
>> necessary with
>> a file.
>> Also interested in hearing how people replace races in Record hubs.
>> Mitch Harris
>> Little Rock Canyon, Utah, USA
>> On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 6:38 PM, Jon Spangler
>> <>wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> I just bought a used 36H Campi NR lo-fl hub (mid-1970s?) with a
>>> 120MM axle.
>>> I want to convert it to a 6-speed and a 126MM axle, and Dennis
>>> Stone at
>>> Stone's Cyclery here in Alameda recommends cutting down one of
>>> the Wheels
>>> manufacturing ( 141MM axles to accomplish this.
>>> He says
>>> it is a stronger axle and will work better.
>>> Has anyone out in CR land used one of the Wheels manufacturing
>>> axles for
>>> this kind of conversion? Do you have any recommendations on how
>>> to cut it
>>> down?
>>> (For example, should I trim the length equally from both ends, or
>>> using
>>> some other method to shorten the axle to 126MM?)
>>> This "new" hub is to replace one of my original mid-1970s NR lo-
>>> fl hubs
>>> (also 36H) that apparently has slightly deformed/no longer
>>> parallel races.
>>> I understand that Campi NR hub races can be replaced, but have
>>> heard that
>>> the job is also a pain in the %#! What can I do to salvage this
>>> hub, which
>>> has a small and noticeable irregularity in its bearing
>>> smoothness? (I rode
>>> it for years this way, but would like to repair it if it's a
>>> reasonable
>>> and/or worthwhile task.) Can I swap out the axle from the hub
>>> with the "bad
>>> races" and use it successfully in my "new" used hub?
>>> Any suggestions for artistic or other re-use of an old Campi hub
>>> shell?
>>> Where can I find Campi NR-compatible cones, spacers, races, or
>>> other parts
>>> that would fit these hubs? (Normandy Luxe parts used to fit, but
>>> those are
>>> as scarce as Campi parts now...)
>>> Thanks in advance for any and all assistance i=with my
>>> recycling/reuse/conversion project(s).
>>> Jon Spangler
>>> third-posting-and-I'm-out
>>> in damp Alameda, CA USA