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From: Kai Hilbertz <>
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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 22:43:53 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR] Was: Ebay items you might be interested in. Now: Courtesy

Feb. 18, 09

Hello John, cc List

many thanks for your elucidation, I wasn't aware that the eBay seller's shipping settings affects their international visibility.

One more thing; if a prospective buyer find an interesting "offshore" item that the seller only ships nationally, go ahead and ask if they'll ship to your location anyway. Very often they will, if you ask nicely.


Kai Hilbertz Munich, Germany

On 18.02.2009, at 20:23, <> wrote:
> It isn't an eBay thing, it is a seller thing.
> The primary reason that the other items are not visible to buyers
> not in the UK is because the listing shows that the seller will only
> ship to the United Kingdom. As such if you are not in the UK when
> you click on 'Show seller's other items' you get nothing because
> there is nothing else available to you because you aren't in the UK.
> The same thing happens to me (in Canada) when a US seller only
> indicates that they ship to the States in the auction specification
> (they might say in the body text that they ship elsewhere but eBay
> is blind to that), I can't see their items when I search or try and
> show seller's other items.
> The same problem arises if you are searching for a particular item.
> Unless a seller has listed International shipping, you will not be
> able to find an item they list if you are not located in the
> specified shipping zone. So people if you really want to sell your
> items and get the best price, always list International shipping.
> David Bilenkey
> Ottawa, ON, Canada
>> From: Kai Hilbertz <>
>> To: John Betmanis <>
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>> Subject: Re: [CR] Was: Ebay items you might be interested in. Now:
>> Courtesy
>> Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 17:58:44 +0100
>> Feb. 18, 09
>> Hello John, cc List,
>> answer: it's an eBay thing which happened because you're in the US
>> whereas the items are on the UK ebay.
>> If you take the eBay link or item number and paste it into the US
>> eBay =, only that item will show, and "view seller's
>> other items" doesn't work. Open a new window or tab in your
>> browser and type or paste . Enter the link
>> or item number. You'll ascertain that now "view seller's other
>> items" works without a hitch.
>> Greets
>> Kai Hilbertz
>> Munich, Germany
>> On 18.02.2009, at 16:35, John Betmanis wrote:
>>> I have another question about this auction, and others like it.
>>> Since the
>>> links in this email were broken by wordwrap and wouldn't work for
>>> me, I
>>> copied and pasted the item numbers into my browser's eBay search
>>> window. I
>>> thought that just finding one item would be sufficient and I
>>> could click
>>> "View seller's other items", but that yielded zero, so I had to
>>> copy and
>>> paste all the item numbers individually. Why would that be? I've
>>> seen this
>>> before, but not often. Is this an eBay glitch, or something done
>>> by the
>>> seller so nobody can find what else they have for sale?
>>> As for off-topic items, I don't mind that sellers include them
>>> along with
>>> vintage stuff, so long as there _is_ vintage stuff there as well.
>>> But Dale
>>> is absolutely right in requiring a clue as to what's for sale
>>> because with
>>> the high volume of this list, searching for each item and drawing
>>> a blank
>>> each time is a big waste of time.
>>> John Betmanis
>>> Woodstock, Ontario
>>> Canada
>> .....
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> Here are some ebay items I'm selling that I thought the list
>>>> might be inter
>>>> ested in. Some nice vintage parts and some that aren't vintage
>>>> but still us
>>>> eful for any cyclist. Thanks for looking :-)
>>>> &item=250375328152
>>> ....
>>>> Joel Uden
>>>> London UK