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Vorschau: Buongiorno The other day,after i visited a DUCATI dealership,i was talking to my father,about what we just saw.And he told me a story about an old 175 MV agusta he saw when he was a kid,in the early 50s.He knew that some teams were comin to town for a race to be held on local city track (lTourist trophy type race)Him and friends were waiting fo r the teams,so they could check the pro bikes.They wanted to know what they were using,gear,paint job and all that!In other words,they wanted to check the "state of the art "of these motorcycles."Matteo"said my dad"that day i cannot forget!We were expectin the bikes to come out of the truck,all chrome and red paint,shining and glidin......NOT!!!! [...]

Inhaltsanalyse im Detail: (12.6 Punkte, 5.0 benötigt)

Pkte Regelname Beschreibung ---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_61 BODY: 6alpha-pock-1alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_75 BODY: 7alpha-pock-5alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_57 BODY: 5alpha-pock-7alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_62 BODY: 6alpha-pock-2alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_55 BODY: 5alpha-pock-5alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_54 BODY: 5alpha-pock-4alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_44 BODY: 4alpha-pock-4alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_35 BODY: 3alpha-pock-5alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_93 BODY: 9alpha-pock-3alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_45 BODY: 4alpha-pock-5alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_65 BODY: 6alpha-pock-5alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_34 BODY: 3alpha-pock-4alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_42 BODY: 4alpha-pock-2alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_43 BODY: 4alpha-pock-3alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_84 BODY: 8alpha-pock-4alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_53 BODY: 5alpha-pock-3alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_32 BODY: 3alpha-pock-2alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_63 BODY: 6alpha-pock-3alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_101 BODY: 10alpha-pock-1alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_52 BODY: 5alpha-pock-2alpha
   0.6 J_CHICKENPOX_74 BODY: 7alpha-pock-4alpha