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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 10:55:54 -0500
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I as I used to work for Mavic for many years, I can state that in fact that the later "Starfish" cranks where in fact made by Stronglight in France as I had seen the containers with the trans-ship labels with my own eyes. The earlier cranks according to my sources where also always forged in France, not in Spain, though there may have been some earlier ones forged by Gippemme in Italy. So, I'm fairly certain there is not a connection between TA and Stronglight, Mavic and Edco. I would float the theory of Gippemme being the source of the EDCO cranks, though I do not have concrete evidence of this.

Jack Stanwood Boston, MA USA

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The crank sets were mostly produced by the same firm who did the forging at that time for TA and MAVIC, a company that was based in Spain. Whether the re was a connection with ZEUS, I am not certain. There was also another Spa nish producer of cranks whose name escapes me but I think it begins with SE or SU. It has been suggested that some cranks were produced by either Nerv ar or Stronglight..but judging by the quality of the EDCO cranksets, and if

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