[CR] Information on "Star" Japanese bikes sought.

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From: RaleighGranPrix@aol.com
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 16:41:18 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] Information on "Star" Japanese bikes sought.

Hi, 1st time letter, long time reader of the CR website and mailing list.

I'm just wandering if anyone has ever come across a "Star" bike, I had one, had a Shimano Crane rear derailleur, Titlist Shimano front and Shimano shifters on riser type longhorn bars light aluminum I'd think, it seemed much like a "cyclocross" bike or early MTB setup. The paint job was definitely nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary, it just seemed to be basically painted sky blue. The bikes were made in Japan, lugged and steel without decals. It had a dent on the down tube near the head tube that the mechanic told me probably meant it had been in an accident so I took most of the parts off and stopped riding it as he suggested it was probably not the best thing to ride. I always wondered if I had a unique brand name until I was in downtown St. Paul Minnesota one day and there parked and locked on the street was another Star bike with more of the normal paint jobs one sees which had a sticker from NOW excercise equipment and bicycles (still around) in St. Paul so in a way, I was glad to know I did not have a one in a million bike. The headbadge was you guessed it, a star for a symbol but I believe the points of the star were rounded. It really was a very good bike, oh, also, it came with a Fujiyata stamped leather saddle of which I've seen sold on ebay from time to time. The bike came with all prime accessories, tires, wheels, everything, seat post. I probably should have actually kept the frame but I kept every thing else.

Any feedback is welcome.

Tom Cieszinski
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA