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Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 15:11:26 -0700
From: verktyg <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Bertin Frame


Bertin used thin foil decals or plastic film decals held on with a rubber cement like adhesive which was easy to peel off. The head tube badge was made of a thick aluminum foil on a lot of their bikes.

60 is the frame size C to T.

The 72 stamped into the Bocama lug means that the lug was made for a 72° head tube. You may find 72 stamped into the seat tube lug and something like 58 to 61 stamped into the lower head tube lug. Those are the lug angles too.

If the dropouts are not clearly stamped Campagnolo then the are most likely Milremo dropouts which were made by "one of the companies" that made them for Campy.

By the time your frame was built "most" brazed on shift lever bosses were standardized. Shimano had 2 variations of proprietary design bosses in the early 80s. Your frame appears to have the the standard style bosses.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

Peter Rogers wrote:
> Dear Bertin Specialists,
> The Bertin frame that I purchased from eBay France has just been delivered.
> I have started a preliminary inspection.
> Not yet sure if it has been refinished or not. The paint on the steerer tube matches the I should check inside the BB shell. No sign of any remnants of decals, or even marks that they have left behind in the paint surface.
> One rear drop out has "60" stamped into it, which I assume to be the frame size. There is also "72" stamped in the front of the seat clamp/lug. I have seen this on a yellow Bertin frame that I have seen recently.
> Not sure what the drop-outs are yet (Campagnolo or Milremo).
> The frame has brazed on gear shift bosses. Are these universal? I have never used these before.
> Any help with the stamped number will be much appreciated.
> All the best,
> Peter Rogers
> Barrie, Ontario, Canada