Re: [CR]Re: 5 Piers Tune-up Ride/ **Name Change** to the "JB Classic"

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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 11:20:18 -0700
From: "Jeanette Bell" <>
Cc: bikenut <>,
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: 5 Piers Tune-up Ride/ **Name Change** to the "JB Classic"
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Okay! Okay! I'll be there. My wife has graciously given me a hall pass to go on the ride. I look forward to riding with Matt's crew and enjoying the ocean breeze. My daughter has a soccer tournament that weekend but she said it was okay if I miss Sunday's game. Thanks for wanting me there, but cut the legend crap, alright? See you at Matthew's garage, Joe Bell

Brian Baylis wrote:
> Matt and gang,
> I hope everyone is looking forward to the 5 Piers "tune-up" ride from
> Matts place in Belmont Shore. This is the ideal spot for all of the So.
> Cal. contingent to gather for an excellent ride/social gathering. I have
> taken it upon myself to personally roust JB into comming for this time
> out with the gang. I had so much fun at the Rose Bowl ride last week I'd
> like to see most, if not all, of the attendees from LA down at Matts
> ride comming up. I'd want to see the full force of the California Wing
> of classisists for the pre Velo Rendezvous kick off. Anyone who missed
> the Rose Bowl ride last week needs to make plans to make the 5 Piers.
> The San Diego faction is holding its gathering at Matts this month
> instead of at Balboa Park in order to join in the celebration. Perhaps
> Ken Wallace can find an excuse (like the heat) to exit Phoenix for a
> wonderful ride on the Pacific coast from one of the best venues our
> group has to offer, hosted by the most generous host one could ever hope
> for.
> Time for me to go harass JB. If we succeed in actually kidnapping him
> for this one, anyone who ever wanted to meet the man, the legend, in
> person had better make it; it may be your only chance! Show your vintage
> face at the "JB Classic" or be forever square!
> Brian Baylis
> I'll deliver our man, even if I have to tie him to a pole and have him
> carted in by pygmys.
> >
> > Attention,
> > We are renaming this ride the "Last chance for JB to get up north
> > of the county line ride" hopefully the honored guest will be none
> > other than JB himself.
> >
> > Matthew Gorski
> > Belmont Shore, CA