R: [CR]re: Trike curiosity questions

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From: The Maaslands <TheMaaslands@comcast.net>
Subject: R: [CR]re: Trike curiosity questions
To: Classic Rendezvous <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:03:01 -0500

Brian wrote:
> I'm going to join the English trike group. It will then become "Mad dogs
> and Californians".
> I still wonder how many trikes are actually in the states. I suspect
> under 20; probably closer to 10. Some day we will have to have a Ben Hur
> style trike race.

Back in the early 80's in Ottawa, Canada, we held a race on the ice with 13 trikes. It was one of the features of the Ottawa Winter Carnival. 4 of them were recumbants and a couple were heavy clunkers designed for the Florida Sunbird set and another a pashley with tiltable frame. There were however 6 racing trikes. Had it not been -40° that day, we had expected to have 20 trikes. At the peak, I believe there were likely 30 trikes in the Ottawa area alone, so your numbers are likely on the low side. The reason for using the trikes becomes quite clear when you try to ride a bike throught the Ottawa winters.

Steven Maasland Moorestown, NJ