Re: [CR]Undated SA AW hub

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Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 17:10:37 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR]Undated SA AW hub
From: Hilary Stone <>
To: Mike Self <>, <>
In-Reply-To: <003f01c4ad48$2aa1bdb0$ff22e80a@Mike>

Undated Sturmey Archer hubs are thought to date from 1940-1. They generally have all the features of the pre-war hubs - square axle key with slightly different axle, clutch and clutch spring and seem to come on bikes from those years. Pre-war 4-speeds also have several other parts different too. I have had an AM dated 1937 and an AW dated 1938 and several hubs dated 1939. The pre-war dating system used a single numeral to indicate the year unlike the post war system with a month number and decade/year number.

Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

Mike Self wrote:
> Does any one know when the AW hub started being stamped w/ dates?
> I have one which just says "Patent applied for" but has no date stamped. It's
> on a Nottingham built Raleigh Gazelle (pre Robin Hood) built between from
> 1938-44 (per Sheldon's site)
> I might want to use it in a future lightweight project.