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Subject: Re: [CR]braze-on history
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 15:44:52 +0000

Actually, the older the bike the more braze-ons it may have. By the mid 1930's if not earlier French touring bikes had full braze-ons and often times internal cable routing. The Italians became scared of braze-ons and then for many years they were not used for racing bikes. Of course top end French touring bikes always had them (and/or internal cable routing).

Also, early front deraillieurs (30's through 50's) were often brazed on, regardless of whether or not cable or rod actuated.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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> Third post in one day, I must be nearing my limit. Anyway, I was wondering

\r?\n> if there is an accepted chronology of braze-ons. Generally it seems that

\r?\n> the more braze-ons a bike has, the newer it is. When did the various

\r?\n> braze-ons become common? Are there national differences? Could anyone

\r?\n> supply approximate dates for these? Here is my hypothesis.


\r?\n> In order of oldest to newest

\r?\n> Top of BB derailleur guides

\r?\n> Chainstay cable stop (perhaps these appeared at the same time as the top

\r?\n> of BB derailleur guides )

\r?\n> Shift lever stop

\r?\n> Shift lever bosses

\r?\n> Top tube brake cable guides

\r?\n> Bottom of BB derailleur guides

\r?\n> Brake cables routed through top tube

\r?\n> Inside seat stay chain hanger

\r?\n> Front derailleur mount (Are these too new for the CR timeline?)



\r?\n> What about lamp brackets on forks?

\r?\n> What about rear brake cable stops for centerpulls?

\r?\n> What about pump pegs?



\r?\n> Marcus Helman

\r?\n> Huntington Woods, MI