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maybe "we" don't want that?! i don't know. do we want the mainstream co-opting what, for many, for years, have been a hobby? e-RICHIE chester, ct

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<<'s two issues in a row that they have had vintage content as the November issue had a piece on Kopp's Cycles in Princeton. They were some of the earliest to import and sell Cinelli, Zeus and Campy, according to the article, and have, in the attic, some of Cino Cinelli's 690 rims.

Perhaps we should give kudos to Rodale's editors and we just might start a trend or at least foster a "classics corner" in the mag, huh? >>

Yes! I forgot about that bit covering Kopp's! You know, maybe we are such geeks after all? Maybe this vintage stuff has a broader appeal than we think?

Wouldn't it be neat if we had a section each month in Bicycling that had something along these lines, like Cycling Plus from the UK has with Hilary Stone's Classics page and Roger St Pierres' reminisces?

Maybe we should flood Bicycling's office with letters raving about this new trend? Maybe all us kids should get together and start a show and sing and dance and raise the money to save the orphanage? (Ooops, got carried away there..Sorry!)

Back to reality..........

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