[CR]Fwd: 1951 BIANCHI bike - in immaculate condition

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Subject: [CR]Fwd: 1951 BIANCHI bike - in immaculate condition

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Just posted on UK ebay, by a member of the Lst I believe, is a 57cms 1951 BIANCHI bike in quite splendid condition,,as newly renovated, with no expense spared it would seem. The bike is fitted with period perfect accessories including a Campagnolo Paris-Roubaix gear, Simplex double chainset - there must be very little difference in the number of teeth - and a Simplex front mech. This is probably the best example of this type of bike that I have ever seen and, if it were my size..but thank goodness it isn't I would seriously consider spending some of my hard-earned pension fund on it.

At a staring price of £1895 it doesn't come cheaply, but I have seen much more than that on less elegant and far more recnt machines. No connection with the bike or seller, though I do recognise his seller's identity..and he knows his veteran cyckles very well. Item nO 280175382586

Norris Lockley...just a little Bianchi-green with envy..Settle Uk