Re: [CR]This fixie thinghas gone too far.

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Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 18:33:11 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR]This fixie thinghas gone too far.

The going rate for those crappy C-Record Pista hubs is a more reflection of the fixie crowd's lowrider asthetic, and has little to do with any reverence for Vicenza. They re cool looking hubs, and they are shiny......   Enough grumpiness.   Tom Dalton


I'll certainly say "amen" to the last, about the grumpiness.

What I want to know is what YOU can do to effectively promote, let's call them 'grunge classic wheels". They're old, feature shiny tubular rims with one flat spot each, and are laced with galvanized spokes. (Cool that with fixed, you mount the grunge-classic rear so the rider you can COUNT ON the thump to be in synch with the pedal stroke.)

Be successful with that, and, oh will you have the gratitude of so many of us loaded up with the same. Clear the market and our garage walls too.

And, Tom, the Classic Rendezvous web site is already blocked at my local school--go figure==, so no harm done if I mention that as part of the program you might note that tubular tires with LATEX tubes just add to the intimate connectedness of the fixed rider to the road. No, not that eupemistic meaning of "fixed", the meaning of fixed that got you grumpy.

All grins, and I hope you're bearing one, too.

Harry Travis
Washington, DC USA