Re: [CR]Bidding on E-Bay against one's friends: It's easy

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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 19:30:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Bidding on E-Bay against one's friends: It's easy
To: Tom Sanders <>,
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At the risk of an attaboy, I agree completely with Tom on this. I think maybe I am one the collectors of American bikes (Sachs, Weigle, Romic, Assenmacher, Cuevas, McLean, Medici, various Schwinns and soon a Fattic) he refers to.

I don't always try to insure a CR member is not bidding on a bike before bidding myself, but I will lay off if I know another CR member really wants something which I have only a mild interest in.

Like Tom says, there will be more stuff of interest showing up than any of us can possibly have the money to buy or the room to store, so why deliberately shaft another CR member over today's item? Not that simply bidding against another CR member is necessarily shafting him. And since, like it or not, most serious bids on desirable eBay items are submitted in the last 30 seconds or so, refusing to bid against another CR member will often mean neither one gets the item in the end.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

Tom Sanders <> wrote: Collecting in a relatively narrow area of interest, namely American bikes, I seem to have become friends with a bunch of folks with very similar interests. I'd like to say that is possible to deal with integrity with them and still buy more darn bikes and parts and tools than you can ever possibly use. We all seem to have done this over the years.

I will often counsel with these folks as to what think of a bike or similar object even when I know it is something they would like to own (an awful lot of folks now own bikes I have outed to them). If they tell me they are intending to bid on it, I'll just ask up front how badly they want it and how high they are willing to go. If they say something like $800 and I want it $1100 worth I'll just tell them that if they get overbid at that point I'll come in myself. Sometimes I am already high bidder on something, but I can live without it and a buddy will call or write and ask how high I am going.I have never been screwed in this process by a friend, yet. Sometimes a bike will have some really hard to find part that I need and I'll tell them if they want to lower their cost somewhat I'll buy the part if they get it, this may well give them some added flexibility.

If I get the item and don't care to keep it, I just automatically feel any of these folks that wanted it has first dibs on it.

In other words, we find that bidding on this stuff need not be cut throat. I think mature collectors are well aware that when all is said and done it is only a darn bicycle or part or whatever and that we are all bulging at the seams already and some other cool object will appear in a matter of days and it might be good not to be broke when that happens.

I think folks get too worked up over a lot of this stuff, after all, nearly anything will come your way eventually without you having to take the low road in any dealings.

Friends are a heck of a lot more important than things.

But I still find it hard to sleep the night before a new bike is to be delivered, I guess I'll just never grow up

Tom Sanders

Lansing, Mi USA