Re: [CR]question re Phil Wood spoke machine

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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 07:27:56 +1100 (EST)
From: David Benson <>
Subject: Re: [CR]question re Phil Wood spoke machine
To: Tom Dalton <>, Classic Rendezvous <>
In-Reply-To: <>

Tom I have been using a P\hil Wood spoke cutter since about 1990. 1 or 2mm is no problem, though such small offcuts have a tendency to get caught in the flipper gear, which can require a time-consuming disassembly. I have never seen a problem with thread quality from rolling a new thread onto part of the existing one. I suspect that the existing thread would tend to align itself with the threads of the die anyway.. David Benson Auckland, NZ

Tom Dalton <> wrote: Is there a minimum amount of shortening that this machine can execute? For example, if I have some 302 mm spokes and I want to make then into 300 mm spokes, can I do that? Will it simply clip off 2mm and roll on an additional 2mm of threads? Would the original threads be "overprinted" or would the dies somehow index to what's there and just add some turns at the bottom? If the original threads are overprinted, what are the implications of this additional cold working?

I've always assumed you need to knock off about 10mm (the typical length of the original threads) but maybe I'm wrong. That sure would be great, because I have a small pile of "vintage" DTs that are just not quite right for some wheels I might want to build. A mm here and 2 mm there and I might be in business.

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